Pearl Snare Drum

Pearl Snare Drum Review: 8 Excellent Snares for All Genres!

A Pearl Snare Drum offers drummers a wide selection of sounds for all types of genres. In addition, Pearl is currently one of the best manufacturers of drum hardware worldwide. Therefore, ensuring buyers that their products deliver utmost performance within every price point. Furthermore, beginners could also use a Pearl snare as their student snare … Read more

snare drum stand

Top 8 Snare Drum Stand for Comfortable and Convenient Drumming

A snare drum stand provides drummers with a decent playing experience without straining. Unlike a small snare drum, we can’t mount standard snares on a tom arm. Therefore, making a snare drum stand essential drum hardware within a standard drum kit. You may like to read: Pearl Snare Drum Review: 8 Excellent Snares for All … Read more

small snare drum

Small Snare Drum Shootout: 8 Small But Incredible Snares for You!

A small snare drum is an excellent tool for drummers on the go. The compact construction of a small snare drum makes them easy to bring virtually anywhere! Therefore, they make an excellent addition to a portable drumkit. You may like to read: Pearl Snare Drum Review: 8 Excellent Snares for All Genres! Furthermore, beginners … Read more

Splash Cymbal

9 of the Best Splash Cymbal Reviewed: Make your Chops Colorful Today!

Splash cymbal is a crucial component within cymbal sets— that’s a fact! However, they are one of the cymbals often overlooked by beginners. Sporting a sizing around 8” up to 10”, a splash cymbal provides kits with more crash flavor. You may like to read: Best Low Volume Cymbals Review— Rich Cymbal Voice minus the … Read more

Ride Cymbal

10 of the Best Ride Cymbal: Hand-picked Cymbals from All Price Points

A ride cymbal is a standard when it comes to all drumkits. Similar to a hi-hat cymbal, drummers utilize a ride cymbal for timekeeping. In addition, ride cymbals provide drummers with enough options and accentuations when maintaining rhythm. Furthermore, jazz musicians oftentimes incorporate ride cymbals during rhythmic patterns, providing more “swing” to a song. On … Read more

China Cymbal

10 Best China Cymbal Reviewed: Powerful Trashy Tone for Everyone!

A China Cymbal produces a crisp and bright sound accompanied by an explosive tone. However, unlike a crash cymbal, drummers frequently mount a China cymbal upside-down. Thus, making it easier to hit while providing a better overall sound. Furthermore, genres such as heavy metal, metalcore, and thrash metal oftentimes utilize China cymbals. On the other … Read more