beat machine with keyboard

Beat Machine with Keyboard Reviewed: Music Production made Easy!

Make insane midi backing tracks and intricate trap beats through a beat machine with keyboard! As technology progresses, the learning curve for musical learning becomes easier; thus, increasing the interest of people towards music. Moreover, with the introduction of free digital audio workstations, music production becomes more understandable and accessible. Consequently, we see an increasing … Read more

Bass Drum Head

7 Bass Drum Head Reviewed: The Best Low-End Tone Just for You!

As we know, today’s market overflows with various bass drum head offerings. As a result, confusing beginners as they try to find the best drum head for them. In addition, the different designs and construction of drum heads dictate the sound a bass drum makes. You may like to read: 6 Best Floor Tom Drums … Read more

Double Bass Pedal

Double Bass Pedal Reviewed: 7 Excellent Products for your Next Chops!

Today, owning a double bass pedal is ideal whether you are a hard rock, metal, or even a jazz drummer. However, with the right execution, the heel-toe technique can emulate the sound of a double bass pedal. Nevertheless, having a double bass pedal is more convenient, especially when playing fast and complex bass drum patterns. … Read more