best drum throne with backrest

6 Best Drum Throne With Backrest For Bad Back Problems

The best drum throne with backrest is one you can use for long periods without strain. We drummers might not give too much thought when it comes to drum hardware such as stands or drum thrones. It is wise however to put more thought into drum hardware. You may like to read: 3 Hydraulic Drum … Read more

drum bags

10 Best Drum Bags: Protect Your Drums With Drum Bags

Drum bags are arguably as important as the drums themselves. Drums are especially fragile instruments that are sensitive to all sorts of things that could alter how they sound or in the worst cases damage them outright. Being usually made of wood, drum shells are sensitive to changes in the environment. If where they are … Read more

cymbal bags

Best Cymbal Bags: Protect Your Crashes from Crashes!

Cymbal Bags are an absolute necessity in a drummer’s inventory. These seemingly unassuming pieces of gear are vital to keeping a drummer’s precious cymbals well kept and maintained. For the most part, Cymbals are the most expensive and valuable percussion instruments in a drum kit. Unlike drums, cymbals cannot be tuned thus, a drummer cannot … Read more

Drum set for kids

Top 10 Best Small Drum Set For Toddlers: Safe and Fun!

The best drum set for toddlers does not have to be pricey. However, it must be highly interactive. Children, especially at a young age need physical and mental stimulation. By playing with toys children can learn a lot of things that stimulate their brains. Toy drums are a great example of toys that target the … Read more

best amplifier for electronic drums

Top 10 Best Amplifier For Electronic Drums: Get Loud!

The best amplifier for electronic drums is needed to produce sound. One of the main reasons drummers or parents of prospective drummers purchase electronic drum sets is because they are quieter than their acoustic counterparts. Essentially, electronic drum sets are digital acoustic drum sets. Its pieces do not produce sounds themselves but instead, use electronic … Read more

best electronic drum pads

Top 10 Best Electronic Drum Pads: Go Great With An 808

Considerations for the best electronic drum pads out in the market become more important as music leans more towards electronic. As a beginner getting into drums and music in general, or as a parent willing to nurture and foster your child’s creative development through giving them instruments to play on, electronic drum pads become a … Read more